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Hanzo Ariza Ist. is currently a 9th dan red belt Hanshi, founder and present CEO to the AJWBA – a global Not-For-Profit governing authority, whose prime objective is to uphold and propagate the highest integrity and truest form of Budo through the teachings of the essential arts, Kuki Shinobi tradition, Yoshin Ryu Sogo-Bujutsu Samurai traditions in accordance with the documented history, their families, and lineage; Soke to the Shodoshima Ryu Karate; founder of Kimbisa Yoga ALL ARE WELCOME REGARDLESS OF OTHER AFFILIATIONS - THIS IS AN ALLIANCE - WE WORK, GROW AND EVOLVE TOGETHER. Hanshi has written his doctorate dissertations and holds thesis for professorship in Asian philosophy and martial arts He is the Founder and head master to the Kuki Ryu Ninpo, Hanshi to Takagi Yoshin Ryu Samurai Ju-Taijutsu and Soke of the Shodoshima Ryu Karate tradition. These disciplines are taught worldwide at the Five Rings Centers International under the guidelines of the AJWBA. Hanshi is a Life-Coach, healer, historical researcher, philosopher, orator, writer and electrical engineer with over 42 years of experience. Additionally, Hanshi also holds Shihan, 7th-degree black belt in contemporary Shinobi-Jutsu, 7th Dan in Jujutsu, 7th Dan in Kobujutsu (Weaponry) from the late, Professor Ronald Duncan Sr. Masters in Asian philosophy, a 6th Dan in Ikeda Daito Aiki-jujutsu...HE TRAVELS THE WORLD HOLDING SEMINARS AND CLINICS.