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Round Table Of Elders


(Council of the Elders)

These are masters and grandmasters with experience and an elevated sense of our true mission:

To advise the President and other officials of the AJWBA – ALL JAPAN WORLD BUDOKAN ALLIANCE in reaching sensitive decisions impacting the organization.

To safeguard and promote the AJWBA’s local and international mission worldwide.

To advise and guide the labor of the AJWBA in accordance with the Japanese martial arts culture.

To ensure the AJWBA provides, only, quality martial arts education and training with integrity.

The AJWBA is made up of officials, masters and advisers, though, not having worldwide image, are individuals who, quietly and with or without fame, have impacted the world both in the marital arts community and the spiritual healing community.

Though the AJWBA is rapidly becoming a well-respected,  not-for-profit organization, we hope to continue operating humbly and to not be concerned with fame, status or personal gain.

The AJWBA is becoming a world leader in organizing, preserving and propagating the classical Japanese martial arts to the world community with newly discovered historical facts of their origins and martial application.


 The Board of Director’s prime mission is ensuring the integrity of the AJWBA’s mission, to uphold the tenets of Budo and to propagate the longevity of the Alliance.

The Board of Directors is comprised of the CEO/President, Vice-President, Executive Director/Treasurer, Regional and International Directors (head masters of each associate dojo) and Advisory Committee (Council of Elders).

Elections are held every year before December 21st.  Elections are held to ensure the continued earnest contribution of officials.  Every official has the power of one vote.  The president/ceo has the same power but, in case of absent officials, his/her vote carries that additional power.  The vice-president shall exercise such voting power in the absence or inability of the president to perform his/her duties.

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