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    The Kuki Ryu Ninpo is fully committed to the preservation and transmission of authentic Classical   Ninja ways.  Whomsoever carries this Code Of Arms is a person who honors us as a  true warrior of light.  There is no darkness in his/her heart but only the belief that we are all One Mind, One Heart.

NInpo finds its strength in the understanding of all the manifestation of the elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Cosmos; and the application of the body and mind to naturally adapt.  NInpo contains all of the elements of other martial arts such as kicks, blocks, striking, gymnastics, throwing, grappling, subduing, etc BUT none of the rigidity, robotic-like animal imitating aspects.  NInpo is a very natural and adapting way of the arts

     The many years of comprehensive research, training and study work herein have been the collaboration of Ariza Hanshi of the Five Rings Centers International and what he refers to as gifts from the celestial realm.  In an effort to maintain a relevant connection with the truest interpretation of this tradition, Ariza Hanshi calls this collective work as Kuki Ryu Ninpo (School of the 9 Beings).

      What Does It Mean To Be Ninja?  To relentlessly seek the peaceful and meaningful mind.  To persevere beyond the human spirit’s expectations and to carry one’s duties as a member of this Archelian Legion.

     Let us first, find some meaning in NINJUTSU – It is best described as the collection of martial (military) methodology and warfare strategies, NOT A MARTIAL ART, utilized by the ninja, while NINPO, often referred to as “the higher order of Ninjutsu,” implies a most complete and scientific study of the coexistence of the ninja methodology of combative measures and the philosophy for living based on the principles of Nin.  Hence, we can say that NINPO IS THE LIVING SCIENCE OF THE NINJA.


     Though the Ninja’s mind knows of fear and defeat, he carries a stillness of the heart, for his destiny is not left to chance but by his own choice.  The Ninja practitioner must be well grounded in his own concept of reality because he is dealing freely with the concepts of truth and falsehood, fluidly bending one into the other. To prevent becoming lost, misguided, or swallowed up by his own deception, greed or awareness altering, the practitioner must maintain Seishin or ‘complete’ purity of heart.

     The Ninja practitioner carries the truth in his heart, though he may appear unconventionally different or in many psychological guises to others.   His intentions remain resolute in his heart, though it may appear otherwise to some, yet others may have no idea what those commitments entail.  Because he is totally honest with himself at all levels of introspection, he can venture into the realm of falsehood and untruth without defiling himself or his spirit.  He can willingly plunge into the cold darkness, knowing full well that he has the power to create his own light from the brightness he carries in his heart.

“Mastery of the self (elements) is the breaking down of all illusions of the one created by the many.”

 Hanshi Alianan A. Ariza

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