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Preserving, Propagating, Educating & Living The Way of Budo Through The Martial Arts!

“The best of us is ever present when we train with a joyful spirit and a quiet mind!”

AJWBA COAT OF ARMS 2013 GREEN             We understand that the martial arts are more than a recreational activity; they are tools which help us cultivate our body, mind and heart (spirit).  The ZEN NIHON SEKAI BUDOUKAN DOUMEI (All Japan World Budokan Alliance) upholds these virtues as key to the establishment of our worldwide organization with the prime objective of preserving and propagating the living spirit of the classical (koryu) martial arts.

     The AJWBA offers a unique opportunity for making like-minded friends, for growth and development to individuals, students, masters, organizations and other federation who value the essence of martial art. Our main focus is in the traditions of classical (koryu) Japanese ways such as  of the Samurai Jujutsu, Ninpo (including Ninjutsu), Aiki-jutsu, Karate, Kempo and much more.  Our success is measured by how well we serve  you; and your need for added variety and depth into your existing practice.

     We invest ourselves on the finest craftsmanship and quality of training, well-earned ranking and spiritual guidance on classical warriorship.  We, the administration, and all the masters of the Alliance, make a solemn commitment to address your needs and ensure the culmination of your goals.

      We would love to extend a heartfelt and genuine invitation to join us. No matter your martial arts preference or affiliations, we would be pleased to share the path of the arts with individuals, such as yourselves who share in our collective consciousness.

     No compromises! Let us make a commitment to training hard in the arts; to work hand-in-hand in a spirit of brotherhood and communal effort. Let us lead the way to propitiate the true spirit of living Budo thereby creating a good life for ourselves and doing a service for the world community.

     We hold to a firm believe that the martial arts deal with the individual beyond techniques; it is a complete awakening experience of the heart (spirit), mind and body.  Techniques, no matter how elegant or pure they appear are just that without correct spirit (essence).  This is what sets us apart from any other organized group.  We hold that the posture of the spirit is the highest of all forms.  

In the name of love and the divine spirit,

Alianan A. Ariza, Founder/Current CEO/Hanshi

Rebeca Ariza Pagan, Co-Founder/Vice-President/Kyoshi



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